Chimney Repair

Something as simple as a hairline crack in your chimneys concrete cap or brick can easily grow to some serious damage. With annual inspection you have a strong chance at catching a simple chimney repair job before it turns into a major rebuild project. Water and the elements can seep into your masonry and not only continue to leak into your home, but freeze and crack even more. When we do a chimney inspection we check the exterior of your structure. Annual inspections keep smaller issues from turning into big problems. Usually if a few individual bricks are spalling or cracked we can remove them out and replace them.

Once issues go untreated for any length of time and a majority of the brick are compromised, your chimney structure needs to be rebuilt, either from the roof line up or from the ground up.

With any chimney rebuild we keep the original design and try to use any existing brick you already have that are still in good condition. If needed, we can usually match your existing brick