Stainless Steel Liners

Before  we can even start to discuss relining a chimney, we need to establish why a chimney liner is important in the first place. 

A chimney liner is a critical part of your chimney. Most homeowners are not aware that the byproducts of burning gas and oil in your furnace are just as bad for your chimney as those from burning solid fuels in your fireplace. All of these byproducts can easily deteriorate a flue. 

When a terra-cotta clay flue system is damaged and can no longer safely serve its purpose a stainless steel liner can be installed. This is necessary as your chimney’s flue needs to be able to carry heat and gasses safely up and away from the chimney

A stainless steel liner is key in maintaining efficient air flow within the chimney and provides a reliable outlet for the combustion gases that are produced as a result of burning.

Stainless steel liners tend to collect less soot and creosote than clay flue tiles when used, being much easier to keep clean. Left unprotected, the gases produced during combustion can erode and deteriorate your masonry from the interior out. A stainless steel chimney liner will provide a strong durable lining in the chimney and acts as a barrier to gases, moisture and already damaged flue tile. Having your liner insulated with a pour mix insulation or a wrap insulation helps in keeping heat in the chimney, creating a steady draft.